Little Sister for sale!

What I have heard about Lombok:
“Lombok is the little Sister of Bali”, “Just like Bali”, “Super dangerous”, “Still hidden place”, “Feels like Bali 20 Years ago”. Read more “Little Sister for sale!”

A Handshake

Indonesia is a country of many islands. For that reason, traveling around Indonesia requires the usage of some kind of maritime transportation from time to time. The usual tourist-way for traveling longer distances is usually as follows: Read more “A Handshake”


The Keys

This post is part of a series of small moments that are somehow worth remembering. Usually, because they were funny or surprising. But in general, they are too short and irrelevant to be part of the bigger articles here.
Read more “The Keys”


Gilis – Tourism, trash and paradise

Tourism, trash, and paradise. How does this fit together? Maybe on three different islands?
“Gili” means Island but when tourists speak about “The Gilis”, they usually mean the three beautiful neighboring small islands, with white beaches and turquoise water in the north west of Lombok. Read more “Gilis – Tourism, trash and paradise”

Ubud and Surrounding, Bali

Our new apartment in Ubud was a bit outdated but still good enough with a wonderful view over rice fields in the south of Ubud. We booked this Room for four nights. Read more “Ubud and Surrounding, Bali”


Ubud, Bali

It is my second time in Ubud, Bali. The Last time was over four years ago and only for four days. I was curious to go back to that beautiful place, to see what changed over time. Read more “Ubud, Bali”