This post is part of a series of small moments that are somehow worth remembering. Usually, because they were funny or surprising. But in general, they are too short and irrelevant to be part of the bigger articles here.

After our second night on Gili Meno and while preparing a delicious breakfast, our host told us “We would like to make your room today”. They hadn’t done our room after the first night, which was absolutely fine for us. We didn’t mind a clean room and simply thanked the host for making our room.

After the breakfast, we quickly gathered our things, locked the room and started roaming the island to let them do their thing in our room.

After a few hours, we returned to our room and were a bit surprised to see that no one had been in there. When our host realized our return, he approached us with a friendly, excusing smile and said “Sorry, we couldn’t make your room. The door was locked” – ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve never been to any accommodation before, where they just handed me the one and only key in existence. I was a bit more afraid of losing that key than usual.

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