Old Mac’s

We stayed a night on Old Mac’s farm stay. A surprisingly nice farm with lots of animals basically in Launceston. From tomorrow on we’ll be in civilization again…

Bay of Fires

The ocean was too angry to surf. But it was an amazing stay nonetheless.

Coles Bay

No Coles in Coles Bay. Not even a Woolies. Still beautiful!

Maria Island and Ile Des Phoques

We did a day trip to the Ile Des Phoques and Maria Island. Even though we somehow halved the average age on the boat, we still enjoyed it. Get’s the seal of approval!

Ye Olde Buckland Inn

We stayed on the free campground behind Ye Olde Buckland Inn. A good stop for a night, but not much else going on… Don’t expect a craft beer bar.

Shipstern Bluff

One of Australia’s most notorious surf spots. It wasn’t even fully on but still really impressive. Well worth the hike just for the stunning coast lines…

Stargazing Tent

Happy Valentines Day with an outdoor bathtub. This is the most cozy safari tent so far. Found it in Port Arthur.