Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains

This was our second time in the Blue Mountains. The first time was around Christmas with my Mum and visiting friends during the high season of bush fires. It still was a beautiful trip, but the smokey air and nearly no view made it kind of hard to enjoy it to the fullest.

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32 Isolation

It’s nearly two month ago, when I celebrated my 32nd Birthday in isolation. Whenever my Birthday comes up I plan something special like doing wellness, doing a city trip, meeting up with my family for coffee and cake or going out for a fancy dinner. This time was different. It was during the peak time of COVID-19, so nearly everything was not permitted or closed.

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2nd Aussiversary

Two years ago on this day we first set foot on the Australian continent. It was early morning and we had just arrived with an overnight flight from Tokyo. If you would have told us then, that two years later we’d be living here, we’d thought you’d be crazy.

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The Roads of Tasmania

We came to Australia with the stated intention to explore this beautiful part of the earth. So far, we haven’t done too much exploring. We were busy living. Time to change! And what better place to start exploring a country than its heart?

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2020 – The Golden Twenties?

2020 a new decade just started. The golden twenties are back. Glamourous. Doesn’t that sound great?
I had a rather bumpy start into the new year – were my expectations too high and simply could not be met? Or is it the general mood around me? I don’t know. The start of the new year just felt bumpy. And I assume it wasn’t just me.

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Nocturnal Visitor

Last night around midnight we were woken up by a weird crashing noise. Since all our light switches are in strategically horrible positions, I grabbed my handy flashlight and went off to figure out the source of the weird noise.

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