Who we are?

Hi and welcome to our blog, we are Katja and Mo. We love to travel the world and explore new cultures.
At the moment we live in beautiful Sydney, Australia. We moved here in 2019 from Berlin (Germany) right after our six month trip through Asia. But fear not… We are not only in Australia to work… we also want to explore this part of the world. Covid-19 limits our reach a little bit at the moment, but we are already planning new adventure.

When we are not traveling the world we usually work and live in Berlin, Friedrichshain.
We love our Hometown – it’s dirty, artsy and unfriendly. But it is easy to live there. Our rent is still cheap, most parts of our family lives there, we have an amazing movement (or in German: körperliche Ertüchtigung) teacher, we know all the amazing food places and we have lots of good job opportunities (we both work more or less in tech, you can find more about Mo’s tech background on blog.notadomain.com). What else can we wish for? To be honest, we have a good living there. But from time to time we had the feeling that there must be more to life than just a good living with a decent nine to five job.
That’s the reason why one of us quit their job and the other took a longer time off. To go on a six month journey through Asia. To see and explore new cultures.

After our sabbatical in 2018 we went back to Berlin. But somehow we changed. It was good to be back, but different. The world became smaller and we wanted to see more of it. That’s the reason why we decided to pack our backpacks one more time and move to the other side of the world. So far we like it… Read everything about our move to Australia here.

When we are traveling we love to do it with a backpack and reasonably cheap (but not on a super low budget). It’s good to have some infrastructure and wifi, but we don’t like it too crowded or too touristic. Food is a significant factor for us as well. We love to eat good, authentic food.
Besides food, we both love the nature. Hiking, biking or just strolling around for many hours in an unknown area is the best.

So once again, feel free to read all about our adventures around the globe.