It is my second time in Ubud, Bali. The Last time was over four years ago and only for four days. I was curious to go back to that beautiful place, to see what changed over time. My expectations were quite high to Bali and especially to Ubud, because everything I can remember from my last time was, that it’s very close to paradise and I needed to go back.

So, now I’m back together with my lovely Mo and it is even more beautiful than the last time. We arrived in Denpasar four Days ago and had booked in advanced our first accommodation next to Ubud in Penestanan. Our Apartment is stunning. A beautiful big room with windows in every direction, so that we can see the jungle directly from our bed and better still from our balcony. The Balcony with its view is more than impressive. We were able to overlook the jungle below us, the Campuhan Ridge Walk in front of us and the volcano Agung at the horizon. From the first moment on I felt like I’m in paradise and super relaxed. The noises from the jungle and from the river down in valley were so hypnotic that we could just sit there, doing and thinking nothing with a big smile on our face. What a perfect kick-off for our six month trip through Asia.

The flight from Munich over Bangkok to Bali was quite comfortable and stress-free, but the jet lag was tiring.
This led to the first day in our personal paradise being impaired by tiredness and acclimatization. We went to bed very early and slept over10h. But fromthen on we had a wonderful and busy time during the last days.

We spend some time to walk on the beautiful Campuhan Ridge Walk, where I got my first sunburn despite sun blocker.

We went out for delicious dinner in Warungs in small alleys in Penestanan.

We spend some hours Walking through stunning rice field and ended up in the educational NEKA Museum for Art.

We did an exhausting wood carving workshop with a very experienced carving master.

And today was the day where we needed to leave our paradisal apartment after four nights and had to move on to another (a bit cheaper) accommodation in the south of Ubud.

The first four days in Ubud where more beautiful and more calming than expected. I’m still impressed by the culture and nature. This was just the beginning of our 6 month trip through south-east Asia and we already collected so many impressions.
We feel so fortunate that we are able to take 6 months off from our nine to five jobs to travel the world. It will take us a while to realize that this is not only a three-week vacation.

For more pictures please click here or check out our Instagrams: Katja and Mo.

2 thoughts on “Ubud, Bali

  1. Heeey,
    Ich find das sooo mega was ihr da gestartet habt. Freu mich schon auf die nächsten Berichte eurer Reise und danke das ihr die Eindrücke mit uns teilt ❤
    Take care

    1. Hey Julia,
      schön dass es dir gefällt. Auf Reisen bekommt man so viele neue Eindrücke und erlebt viele tolle Dinge, da ist es immer ganz schön zwischendurch ein bisschen was festzuhalten. Ist mega aufregend für uns.
      Liebe Grüße aus Lombok <3

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