It’s been a bit quiet here on our favorite website 😉 We know.

That’s the reason why we decided to continue to write Blog posts about our latest adventures. As you might know, our plans (not sure if we ever had one) have changed.

After our awesome sabbatical last year, we really enjoyed our time in Berlin. It was nice to be back to that amazing city, to see our families and friends. We really loved it, but something in us, told us, that we are not done yet with our adventures.
We decided very spontaneously to move to Sydney and we just did exactly that four months ago. WOW. We are now exactly four months in this beautiful part of the world.

If you are wondering why we decided for Sydney?

Actually, we never really thought about moving to Sydney. It just kind of happened. Mo got a nice Job offer out of the blue and I always had this dream, so why not just do it?

Was it hard to make the decision?

Short answer: Yes and no! On the one hand, I always wanted to go to Australia for a longer period of time and Sydney is just a perfect starting point. And on the other hand, it wasn’t easy to say goodbye again. But you never try you never know.

4 Months

What??!!! It’s already 4 months ago that we arrived in Sydney. Time is running so fast. I’m just wondering, why I’m still surprised that time is running so fast. Anyway.
I don’t want to share too many boring details, but just to give you a short overview of what we did in the last four months.

We moved to Sydney. For the first 30 days we had a temporary apartment in CBD (Central Business District) to settle in. The Apartment was very close to Mo’s new office and a good starting point for exploring the city a bit.
The first few days we spend exploring potential neighborhoods to live in. We decided that we want to live somewhere close to the open ocean because Mo wants to learn surfing. Fair enough.
We had two options Southern Beaches or Northern Beaches. In the end, we decided on the Northern Beaches, to be more precise for Manly. Manly is a very nice neighborhood, with a nice surfable Beach on the one side and the Ferry to CBD on the other side. So it’s just perfect.

To find an apartment was not easy, but in the end, we found something nice. Did you know that they have an IKEA down here? That did make it easy to buy some stuff for our apartment. We now have a bed, a second-hand sofa, some essential things for the kitchen. That’s it. Easy right?

But one thing was missing for the perfect happiness. After we moved into our apartment we bought a surfboard for Mo. Now everyone is happy.

Here are some more impressions what our life looks like here in Manly: the Beach, the Food, the Nature, our new Friends, My Birthday and so much more.

And if you know us a bit, then you also know that we love to travel and experience new things. Here are just some impressions from our adventure time in and around Sydney. I hope we manage to write some more posts, about each adventure. But we will see 😉

It’s not always easy to live that far away from family and friends, but to be honest we don’t regret our decision (yet). It makes things sometimes a bit more complicated, but easy is boring. And so far, it’s really worth it!

Talk too you soon…

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