It’s nearly two month ago, when I celebrated my 32nd Birthday in isolation. Whenever my Birthday comes up I plan something special like doing wellness, doing a city trip, meeting up with my family for coffee and cake or going out for a fancy dinner. This time was different. It was during the peak time of COVID-19, so nearly everything was not permitted or closed.

We were not allowed to meet friends or go anywhere. All the restaurant were closed and traveling was illegal. And on top of that my Birthday, the 25th of April is a public holiday in Australia, called Anzac Day. On Anzac Day the Australians honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who served in the Gallipoli Campaign, their first engagement in the First World War (1914–1918).

However it’s also my birthday, we did our best to celebrate it in isolation and appropriate… but still it was very different to what I’m used to.

It all started very early in the morning, right before sunrise to see how the Australians honour the Anzac Day in isolation. With Candles and Music on their balconies and front yard, followed by one minute of silence.

After that we grabbed some coffee, watched the beautiful sunset and went for short little walk around the neighborhood.

Then the celebration started with a big brekky on our balcony. Mini Pancakes, coffee and bubbles – all served by this handsome companion. What a great start!

All followed by a self-made and very delicious German cheesecake. (By the way did you know that the Australians do not have Pudding Pulver and even worse don’t bake their cheese cake!!!)

I was blessed with beautiful weather and we spontaneously decided to jump on the ferry to the city and do a little harbour tour. I’m not sure if that was allowed. But I needed to get out of manly. And this was the perfect way and day to do it.

After a quick stop at circular quay and a 10min walk around the opera house (which I never saw that empty before) we headed back to manly to not look too suspicious by strolling around.

The ferry ride back was perfectly timed to watch the sunset.
That view never gets old!

We had a very relaxed evening – with many beautiful wishes from friends and family from Germany. Thanks to everyone who made this day special!
Peace out!

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