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2020 a new decade just started. The golden twenties are back. Glamourous. Doesn’t that sound great?
I had a rather bumpy start into the new year – were my expectations too high and simply could not be met? Or is it the general mood around me? I don’t know. The start of the new year just felt bumpy. And I assume it wasn’t just me.

Australia is on fire – literally – and the government is not acting. General Soleimani was killed on January 3rd – the long-term consequences are still unknown.

What kind of world do we live in?
We only have this one planet and too many people in power don’t seem interested in it. I am indignant! Where has all humanity gone?

Short update from Down Under

As you know we moved to Sydney, Australia in the beginning of 2019 and we still don’t have enough. The country is so beautiful, the beach life so different, and we still have the feeling we are not ready yet to move on. Even though the current situation with all the fires around us and the sometimes really bad air quality is not the best situation, we still enjoy it here.

And as strange as it sounds, people just live here. The news about how bad it is in Australia travel around the world every day. Buts still, the locals manage to stay positive. The anger about the politicians is enormous, the compassion and support for those affected and those helping is a thousand times stronger!
The most important information about the fires can be found here quite well summarized:

What’s our plan in 2020?

  • We will try to be part of the solution, not the problem
  • We will stay in Australia for 2020
  • We plan to explore this side of the planet a bit more, maybe New Zealand, maybe Fiji, maybe Vanuatu or maybe something totally different. We will see!
  • We plan to write blog posts more regularly
  • I (Katja) will continue to work on my own business ideas. To get an idea what I’m currently up to, you can follow my Health Coaching Blog and Website. It’s mostly in german – sorry 😉 My Health Coaching Blog

We wish you all a great start into your 2020! Stay healthy, stay strong, and have fun!

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